Mastering the Field: 3 Pitching Machine Drills from Beginner to Pro

Mastering the Field: 4 Pitching Machine Drills from Beginner to Pro

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Pitching Machine Drills

If you're gearing up to start or just aiming to polish your hitting and fielding skills, you've landed in the right place. Once you learn how to use your pitching machine, these drills will take your game to the next level.

What You Will Learn

In this guide, we're going to dive into some super cool pitching machine drills. They're tailor-made for all skill levels, from beginners finding their footing to seasoned pros sharpening their edge. So, grab your glove and bat, and let's step into the batter's box of learning and fun!

Pitching Machine Drills for Beginners

Basic Fielding Drill for Beginners: Fly Balls and Grounders

Objective: Teach beginners to field both fly balls and ground balls using a pitching machine.
Equipment: A pitching machine set for gentle throws, machine-friendly baseballs, gloves. A Heater Sports Real Ball pitching machine will do just fine. 
Setup: Position the machine at a moderate distance in the outfield for fly balls and in the infield for grounders.


  • Start with fly ball practice. The machine launches easy, high fly balls towards the players in the outfield.
  • Each player takes turns catching, focusing on tracking the ball and proper glove use.
  • Switch to ground balls. Reposition the machine in the infield, aiming for gentle grounders towards the infield players.
  • Players practice fielding grounders, focusing on footwork, body positioning, and glove work.


Benefits: This drill helps beginners learn the fundamentals of fielding both fly balls and grounders, enhancing overall fielding skills and confidence. It also introduces players to different types of fielding situations in a controlled environment.

    Line Drive Contest Drill

    • Setup: Use a pitching machine or a live pitcher. Set up a batting cage or designated hitting area. Mark areas where line drives are typically hit for scoring.

    • Execution:

      • Batters take turns hitting balls pitched by the machine or a pitcher.
      • The objective is to hit line drives into the marked areas.
      • Keep score of successful line drives to add a competitive element.
      • Rotate hitters to give everyone multiple attempts.
    • Enhances batter's ability to hit consistent line drives.
    • Improves batting technique and timing.
    • Encourages focus and precision in hitting.
    • Can be adapted for various skill levels, making it suitable for both individual and team practice.

      Advanced Pitching Machine Drills

      Outfield Rotation Drill (Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced)

      • Setup: Divide the team into three groups assigned to left field, right field, and first base. Players always carry their gloves.
      • Execution: Use a pitching machine to throw high fly balls to outfielders. The catching fielder throws the ball to second base. The non-catching outfielder backs up the throw, and the first base runner reacts based on the catch. Rotate positions after each play. Incorporate baserunning from first to third, practicing different scenarios. Emphasize on backing up plays and aggressive baserunning.
      • Key Points:
        1. Ensure fielders practice good catching form.
        2. Focus on quick recovery and accurate throws to second base.
        3. Teach outfielders to use a crow hop for stronger throws.
      Benefits: This drill enhances outfield catching skills, in-game communication, baserunning tactics, and promotes quick thinking and agility in fielders.

        This drill is suitable for intermediate to advanced players due to its emphasis on quick decision-making, coordination, and the complexity of the plays involved

        Tweener Drill (Skill Level: Advanced)

        • Setup: Equip with a Jr Hack Attack, pitching machine baseballs, gloves, and helmets. Position the machine a third up the third base line, 15 feet into foul territory, to launch medium to high fly balls.
        • Execution: Begin with the infield's left side, aiming fly balls to challenge the left fielder, shortstop, and third baseman. Rotate players and adjust the machine's direction to engage all fielders. Use inconsistent machine placements for unpredictability. Fielders should soft toss balls back after catching.
        Benefits: Enhances fielding skills for challenging 'tweener' balls, improves on-field communication, and teaches fly ball priority. Regular practice ensures these challenging plays become routine in games.

          This drill is designed for advanced players due to its complexity in fielding dynamics, the need for rapid communication, and quick adaptation to unpredictable fly balls


          And that's a wrap! We really hope you enjoyed exploring these pitching machine drills with us. Remember, the path to greatness is paved with practice and dedication. Whether you're hitting solo or teaming up, these drills are your secret sauce to leveling up your game. Keep at it, stay hungry for improvement, and soon enough, you'll see your efforts pay off on the field. So, here's to hitting it out of the park in your baseball or softball journey! Catch you on the diamond!

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