How Fast Can a Pitching Machine Throw?

How Fast Can a Pitching Machine Throw?

How Fast Can a Pitching Machine Throw? 

Let's dive into the world of pitching machines; a staple in baseball training that has evolved over the years. For anyone who's sever played baseball or softball, whether as a budding player or a seasoned pro, the familiar whir of a pitching machine is part of the soundtrack of training. But have you ever wondered just how fast these machines can throw?

Pitching machines have come a long way since they were invented. Initially, they were simple mechanical devices, but today, they've transformed into sophisticated pieces of equipment integral to batting practice. Nowadays, pitching machines can throw all types of pitches at varying speeds.

So, how fast can a pitching machine throw? Pitching machines can throw pitches at varying speeds from 20 mph all the way up to 100+ mph. 

The type of pitching machine, its power, and the kind of ball you use will all influence how fast the ball can be pitched. 

How It Works

How Fast Can a Pitching Machine Throw?

To further understand how fast a machine can throw a baseball or softball, it is important to understand how pitching machines work and to understand the different types of pitching machines. 

In short, there are 3 different types of machines; mechanical pitching machines, arm action pitching machines, and wheel pitching machines

Each type of machine has its own unique advantages. Arm action machines offer visual cues similar to a real pitcher, which can be beneficial for timing. But, wheel pitching machines can throw more types of pitches at faster speeds. 

So, now you know how fast a pitching machine can throw, and what type of pitching machine you will need in order to throw this fast. 

If you do decide to step into the cage with a fast throwing machine, be sure to wear a batting helmet and proceed with caution! 


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