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2 Wheel Pitching Machines

Two Wheel Pitching Machines for Baseball and Softball

What Are Two Wheel Pitching Machines?

A technological upgrade from arm style and one wheel pitching machines, 2 wheel pitching machines were the first machines to throw dynamic pitches like breaking balls.  

Two wheel pitching machines are machines that feature 2 vertical spinning wheels that propel a baseball or softball forward into a desired location, like a strike zone.

Two wheel machines are more advanced than 1 wheel machines, and just slightly less complex as a 3 wheel machine.

Let's take a look at how two wheel machines work and how they can help you or your team!  

How Two Wheel Pitching Machines Work

As the machine operator pushes the baseball or softball through the delivery chute, the ball comes into contact with the 2 spinning machine wheels. As this happens, the momentum from the machine wheels propel the ball forward into the strike zone.

Each 2 wheel machine features 2 motors that spin the wheels, and 2 control dials, one for each motor. The control dial controls the motor, and the motor controls the speed of the wheel. Because there are 2 control dials, you can control the speed of each spinning wheel independently. By setting the dials to make each wheel spin at different speeds, you can virtually create any pitch you want.

This is how breaking balls are created, when the top wheel when is spinning faster than the bottom wheel, it creates top spin, allowing for curveballs and sliders. The image to the left (or below if you are on mobile) shows the typical setup of a pitching machine's control dial. 

How a 2 Wheel Pitching Machine Can Help

2 wheel machines are great value machines - they have many of the same capabilities of a 3 wheel machine, but cost half the price. With a good 2 wheel pitching machine you can easily throw fastballs and breaking balls at speeds ranging from 40 - 100 mph.

Most two wheel machines also work great for infield and outfield drills. Just point the machine up to throw pop flys or point it down toward the ground to work on grounders. With the capability of throwing pitches and working on fielding drills, a 2 wheel machine is a no brainer.

Recommended Two Wheel Pitching Machines

Being in the baseball industry for years and working closely with manufacturers and customers, we can easily spot the best pitching machines on the market. We've used these machines ourselves and have heard the reviews of thousands of customers over the years, allowing us to bring you the top recommendations. 

Our favorite 2 wheel pitching machine manufacturers are Spinball, Rawlings and Heater Sports. Each machine offers unique features such as pitch speed, pitch selection, fungo work, and more. Check out our best 2 wheel pitching machine page for more info! 

Spinball Wizard 2 Wheel Pitching Machine

Our top selling 2 wheel machine and overall best value machine that we carry, the Spinball Wizard 2 is loved by parents, coaches and players all over the country. Read on to learn more of the Spinball Wizard's best features! 

  • Control dials allow you to throw any pitch
  • Throw pitches from speeds of 40 - 100 mph
  • Quickly changes from baseball to softball
  • Made in the USA 
  • Backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Free shipping!  

Rawlings Pro Line 2 Wheel Pitching Machine


One of our customer favorites, the Rawlings Pro Line 2 is a step up in price and performance from the Spinball Wizard. The Rawlings has similar capabilities to the Spinball, but is better equipped for infield and outfield drills. Read on to learn more about the Rawlings Pro Line 2. 

  • Throws fastballs and breaking balls
  • Throws baseballs at speeds ranging from 40 - 100 mph
  • Features a unique pivot head design allowing for fungo drills 
  • Comes with transport wheels for portability 
  • Backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Free shipping! 
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