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8 Inch Portable Pitching Mounds

8 InchPortable Pitching Mounds for Baseball

As your kid starts growing up and enters jr high and high school, they will start pitching from a taller and larger pitching mound. They'll enter a high school league or a higher tier of little league and will jump up from a 6" to an 8" mound. 

What Ages and Leagues are 8 Inch Pitching Mounds Made For? 

8" pitching mounds are perfect for players ages 12-14 years old in leagues like Little League, Cal Ripken, etc. or in jr high or high school leagues. This is the last step before a 10" mound which is used throughout high school, college, all the way up to the MLB! 

Best 8 Inch Portable Pitching Mounds

As the size of portable mounds get larger, so does the price tag. For this reason, it is important to choose an 8" pitching mound that will stand up to many seasons of heavy usage. Here are a few of our customer's favorites! 

One of our #1 customer favorites is the Portolite 8" two piece portable pitching mound. This is a full sized mound built with reinforced fiberglass with just the right amount of cushion that helps reduce knee and ankle strain. This full size mound gives a realistic feel to a MLB regulation mound, helping your kid prepare for the big leagues! 

Note: We recommend 2 piece mounds as they are more portable and have cheaper shipping costs. 1 piece mounds are great if you don't plan on moving the mound around often. 

We also love this 8" portable game pitching mound - This full size mound is lightweight and durable, built with durable fiberglass and layered with Astroturf. It's also backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty! 

As always, we recommend against using metal spikes with any turf mounds. Order any 8" portable pitching mound today and receive FREE shipping! 

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