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4 Inch Portable Pitching Mounds

4 Inch Baseball Pitching Mounds

For your youngest pitchers, a pitching mound is of utmost importance. Teaching your kid how to throw from a pitching mound (not flat ground) at a young age is imperative to their success as a pitcher.

Learning the proper technique from the start will help your kid improve pitching mechanics, reduce their chances of a potential injury and set them up for long term success as a pitcher. Plus, who doesn't want to see their kid strike out the side?!

4 Inch Pitching Mound Age Range and League

4 inch portable pitching mounds are the smallest of portable mounds made. These mounds are specifically designed for young pitchers ages 6-9 years old roughly that play in youth leagues such as Little league and Pony league. Be sure to check your child's league pitching mound dimension requirements to be sure.

Best 4 Inch Pitching Mounds

Although the selection for 4" pitching mounds is slim, there are still some really good options out there. One of our customer favorites is the Portolite 4" mound. This mound is lightweight (only 25 lbs!) yet durable with its reinforced fiberglass construction and is backed by a great industry reputation and a 10-year warranty! 

Customers also love this 4" youth pitching mound, it's more of a full sized mound offering more space for the pitcher and a more realistic feel.

As always, we recommend against using metal spikes with any turf mounds. Order any 4" portable pitching mound today and receive FREE shipping! 

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