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10 Inch Portable Pitching Mounds

10 Inch Portable Pitching Mounds for Baseball

A 10" mound is the biggest a pitching mound gets, afterall, It's what the MLB uses. But MLB players are not the only ones that pitch from a 10" mound. In fact 10" pitching mounds are used by most baseball players from the ages of 14 and up. Any high school, college or professional level baseball player will pitch from a 10" mound.  

Although a lot of players at this level will have a groundskeeper building their mounds before each game, purchasing a portable mound can actually save you time and money in the long term. These portable mounds are especially convenient on shared fields. 

What are the Best 10 Inch Portable Pitching Mounds?

Our biggest and most realistic feeling 10" mound is this full size regulation mound. This is truly a full sized regulation mound, constructed with reinforced fiberglass and turf. The mound comes in three different colors, and comes in 6 pieces, making it very portable. 

We also love this Portolite 10" mound - It features gentle slopes for pick-offs, smooth tapered edges, and a highly durable construction. This mound also comes with a 10-year warranty giving peace of mind to anyone who decides to buy! 

As always, we recommend against using metal spikes with any turf mounds. Order any 10" portable pitching mound today and receive FREE shipping! 

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