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Rawlings Turret Automatic Ball Feeder
Rawlings Turret Automatic Ball Feeder Attached to Rawlings Two Wheel Machine

Spinball Automatic Ball Feeder

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Spinball / Rawlings Turret Auto Ball Feeder

The Spinball automatic pitching machine ball feeder is not like most pitching machine feeders. This automatic ball feeder can hold up to 35 baseballs (or 29 softballs), throw pitches at intervals of only 7 seconds, and be controlled by a wireless remote from home plate. This ball feeder mechanism has interchangeable legs, turrets, and loading ramps, so it can accommodate a baseball or pitching machine setup. 



Spinball Auto Ball Feeder Features

  • Holds up to 35 baseballs/ 29 softballs
  • Throws at intervals of 7 seconds
  • Interchangeable legs, turrets, and ramps for baseball or softball
  • Available in Rawlings red or Spinball red
  • Wireless remote control included
  • Made in the USA
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty


(Rawlings and Spinball Auto Ball feeder are the same model, different colors)




We sell the only combination (baseball/softball) ball feeder on the market. Legs, turrets, and ball ramps are all interchangeable. Please note that our feeders are not tall enough to be used with our 3-wheel XL models or our 2-wheel ARP models when set at their highest point. Also, autofeeders can't be used to throw fly balls because the ball is not fed with enough momentum to roll up the machine's inclined ball ramp.

Rawlings Turret Automatic Ball Feeder

Download the Spinball Automatic Ball Feeder User's Manual Here!

Spinball Automatic Ball Feeder User's Manual