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Arm Style Pitching Machines

Best Arm Style Pitching Machines

 The best arm style pitching machines on the market are the Iron Mike pitching machines. Our line of Iron Mike's Master Pitch machines includes 4 different machines, the C-82, MP-4, MP-5 and MP-6. Each machine offers different power, ball capacity and pitch speeds. 

Arm type pitching machines are great for a few reasons. With each pitch from an Iron Mike, the batter can see the machine's arm winding up and release of the ball. This ultimately helps with the batter's timing and swing.

Another advantage of the arm pitching machines is the amount of balls they can hold. The Iron Mike MP-4 and MP-6 can both hold up to 600 baseballs or 400 softballs. With a hopper full of balls, you can practice for over an hour straight without interruption. This really allows a player to work on their swing, which is an ongoing learning process. 

To learn more about arm style pitching machines compared with wheel pitching machines, be sure to check out our pitching machines buyer's guide here. 

The realistic pitch delivery offered by the Iron Mike machines make them a favorite of many coaches and batting cage businesses across the country. 

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