Maximize Your Batting Practice: The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Pitching Machine

The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Pitching Machine

Discover Essential Pitching Machine Add-Ons and Advanced Customizations to Elevate Your Baseball Training Experience

In the realm of baseball training, pitching machines are indispensable tools, offering consistent and reliable practice for players of all levels. However, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always meet the specific needs of individual players or teams. Customizing your pitching machine with the right add-ons can transform a standard training session into a highly effective and personalized experience.

The Evolution of Pitching Machines

Since the invention of pitching machines, they have evolved significantly, incorporating various technologies to mimic real pitching scenarios. From wheel-operated to arm-style, these machines have become more sophisticated and adaptable.

Typically, these machines offer a range of speeds and pitch types, but customizations and accessories take these functionalities to the next level, providing a more comprehensive training tool.

Popular Add-Ons for Enhanced Pitching Machine Training

Extended Timing Chutes

These chutes, known as Extended Timing Chutes for Pitching Machines, allow batters more time to see the ball and time the pitch, closely replicating the experience of facing a live pitcher. This add-on addresses the main issue people experience while hitting from a pitching machine; the fact that they are hard to time.

Extended Timing Chutes

Extended Leg Kits

By adjusting the release point of the ball, extended leg kits create a more realistic pitching scenario, simulating the height and angle of pitches from a real pitcher.

Extended Leg Kits

Ball Feeders

Ideal for solo practice sessions, ball feeders automate the pitching process, enabling continuous batting practice without the need for a partner. These are great for team practices when the coach is stretched thin, or for players looking to get in some solo batting practice. 

Ball Feeders

Fungo Leg Kits

Fungo leg wheel kits are designed to facilitate infield and outfield drills, making it easier for coaches to conduct effective fielding practices. You just remove the pitching machine legs and snap these in and you can move the machine to various positions, making fielding drills a breeze.

Currently, this accessory only exists for the Jr. Hack and Hack Attack pitching machines. 

Fungo Leg Kits

Transport Kits

To enhance the portability of pitching machines, transport kits are a must-have for teams and facilities that require flexibility in their training setups.

Transport Kits

Customization Options for Varied Training

Adjustable Speeds and Pitch Types

Tailoring the machine to specific training needs is crucial. Players can work on hitting fastballs, curveballs, and sliders at various speeds, offering a well-rounded batting practice.

Programmable Settings

With the ability to program custom pitching machine drills, players and coaches can focus on specific areas for improvement, from hitting off-speed pitches to mastering the timing for fastballs.

Technological Advancements in Pitching Machines

Digital Displays and Analytics

Most modern machines come with digital displays that allow you to adjust the pitch type and speed. Some of the higher end pitching machines are programmable and allow you to select pitch sequences.

Mobile App Connectivity

Some machines offer the ability to be controlled remotely via apps, allowing for more dynamic and versatile training sessions. Although this technology is relatively new, this allows coaches to get more out of team practices.


Customizing a pitching machine can revolutionize baseball training by providing tailored practice sessions that address specific needs and goals. By exploring and investing in the appropriate add-ons, players and coaches can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their training routines. Explore our range of pitching machines and customization options to find the perfect fit for your training needs. For personalized advice and recommendations, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts. And don't forget to incorporate safe practice with baseball L-screens and batting helmets! 


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