Pitching Machine Customer Success Stories + Reviews

Pitching Machine Customer Success Stories + Reviews

Real Pitching Machine Customer Success Stories + Reviews

In the dynamic world of baseball and softball, pitching machines have emerged as game-changers, revolutionizing the way players train and refine their skills. In recent years, new developments in pitching machine technology has made these machines available for people to purchase and use in their own backyards.

A recent study we did on 126 of our customers showed that 91% of customers noticed an improvement in their batting average after purchasing a pitching machine from Anytime Baseball. And of those 91%, 49% of customers noticed a 25% - 50% increase in their B.A.

In this article, we go even further... We delve into real-life success stories from customers who have experienced first-hand the transformative effects of these machines. We highlight their journeys, we explore not just the practical benefits but also the profound influence pitching machines have on players' performance, confidence, and overall love for the game. Their stories are a testament to how embracing technology in training can unlock potential and elevate one’s game to new heights. Let's take a look at some of our favorite stories!

Michael's Jr. Hack Attack

The Junior Hack Attack machine has been nothing short of a revelation for the teams I coach - the 8-year-old Clutch and the 13u Clash. Both teams have experienced phenomenal success in their fall seasons, with The Clash earning an invite to the prestigious Perfect Game's World Series in Las Vegas. Known for their impeccable defense, The Clash owe much of their prowess to the versatility of the Hack Attack. We've used it as an essential tool in both outdoor and indoor training sessions, perfecting fly ball catches and ground ball drills. Our outfielders have mastered tracking fly balls from the machine, leading to a remarkable record of zero fly ball errors during the fall season – a rare feat for elite teams of this age group.

Indoors, the Hack Attack continues to be a cornerstone of our training, helping the boys hone their batting skills against fastballs, curveballs, and changeups. The results speak for themselves: a soaring confidence among the players, with five of them boasting batting averages over .400. This success, we believe, is directly linked to the repetitive practice enabled by the Hack Attack. It's also been invaluable for infield drills like backhand and forehand fielding, proving its worth even in the confined spaces of our indoor facility.

My only regret? Not having invested in the Hack Attack sooner. It's become an indispensable part of our team, integral to every practice. In essence, it's not just a tool; it's a member of the team, pivotal to our strategies and successes on the field

Michael's Jr. Hack Attack

Michael's Jr. Hack Attack

Cason's Spinball Wizard 2 Pitching Machine

Meet Cason, a young and passionate 12U player from Missouri, who's not just playing baseball but also creating awesome content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. His journey took a big leap forward thanks to some training tools from Anytime Baseball, especially the Spinball Wizard 2 Pitching Machine.

Coming off an 11U USSSA season where he faced tougher competition and faster pitches, Cason needed something extra in the off-season. That's where the Spinball pitching machine stepped in. This machine wasn't just about throwing pitches; it was about giving Cason the kind of practice that his dad's live BP couldn't match. Fast pitches, wicked breaking balls, fielding capabilities – this machine had it all.

But what Cason really digs about the Spinball Wizard is its versatility. It's like having a whole pitching staff at his fingertips, with all kinds of pitches that crank his batting practice up several notches. Plus, he can switch it up for infield and outfield drills, making it a total game-changer for his training.

Since he started using the pitching machine, Cason's game has seriously leveled up. He's getting better at picking up those tough pitches, like curveballs and sliders, and his timing and hand-eye coordination are on point. The machine's game-like conditions are prepping him big time for the upcoming season.

The Spinball Wizard has become more than just a training tool for Cason; it's a key part of his journey in baseball. It's boosting his confidence every time he steps up to the plate and keeps him psyched about the game. Cason's looking forward to even more improvements in his offense and defense, all thanks to this powerhouse of a machine.


Be sure to follow Cason's baseball journey on Instagram! @Case.Baseball

Sherry's Heater Pitching Machine

Fifteen-year-old Danny, a hard working young catcher, invested his savings earlier this year in the Heater Sports Slider Lite pitching machine to work on his catching skills during the off-season. He practiced almost everyday in the basement of their home, helping him prepare for the baseball season.

Danny's mom told us that he particularly likes the machine's ability to pitch at 70 mph and simulate various types of pitches, which helps him work on his catching skills. He has seen notable improvements in his framing, blocking, and pitch-reading skills. The convenience of practicing anytime he wants, coupled with the machine's capabilities that surpass even a parent's throwing abilities, has not only elevated Danny's game but also deepened his love for baseball. His catching journey, captured in a video during a basement practice session, and a snapshot from a recent spring game, reflects the significant impact of this pitching machine on his training routine and overall skill development as a catcher.

Sherry's Heater Pitching Machine

Joey's Jr. Hack Attack

Joey's kids, a talented group of 10u boys playing in the 11u division extends their heartfelt thanks for the Hack Attack Jr., a game-changing addition to their training arsenal. After thorough research and watching numerous videos, they confidently chose the Hack Attack Jr., and it has paid off immensely.

Joey told us in an email that this pitching machine has been game changing in helping his boys work on their weak spots, especially in handling off-speed pitches like curveballs. Its user-friendly features, such as quick crank handle adjustments for inside and outside pitches and easy height modifications, have made practice sessions more effective and enjoyable. The team is now more confident than ever, ready to transform their hard-earned skills from smashing fastballs to mastering curveballs. Joey's favorite part is that their new machine makes practicing fun again.

They playfully warn their competitors: "Better not hang it cuz they will bang it." Beyond the jokes, the team expresses immense satisfaction with the Hack Attack Jr. and curiosity about its compatibility with mush low-impact balls for more extensive practice without the worry of hand fatigue. Their story is a testament to how the right equipment can significantly uplift a young team's performance and enthusiasm for the game.

Joey's only regret is not purchasing it sooner!

Joey's Jr. Hack Attack

Joey's Jr. Hack Attack


As we conclude our exploration of real-life success stories with pitching machines, it's clear how these tools have revolutionized baseball and softball training. Each story we've shared is a testament to the power of technology in enhancing player performance, building confidence, and reigniting passion for the game. From improving batting accuracy to honing pitch recognition, the impact of pitching machines is undeniable and far-reaching.

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