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Iron Mike Pitching Machines


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Iron Mike Arm Style Pitching Machines by Master Pitch

Since 1952, the founder of Iron Mike, Paul Giovagnoli, began his career in designing and building arm style pitching machines. With no other company selling pitching machines at the time, Iron Mike quickly became a hit. Since the company started in 1976, Iron Mike quickly became the leading manufacturer of arm style pitching machines in the whole world. 

They're business strategy is simple; they believe that by creating nothing but top quality machines, their customers will love them and will continue coming back - And that's what happened.

Now Iron Mike by Master Pitch is the largest and most well known arm style pitching machine company on the market. They continue to create top of the line batting cage equipment and the customers are still flocking. 

Here at Anytime Baseball Supply, we proudly stock all Iron Mike pitching machines and stand behind their brand name! 

Commercial Arm Style Pitching Machines

Iron Mike pitching machines are best known for their commercial application. This doesn't mean you can't use an Iron Mike in your backyard, because lots of people do, but the Iron Mikes are especially built for commercial purposes. This includes uses for batting cages and elite baseball training purposes. The Iron Mikes are real work horses and will throw you consistent strikes for years to come. 

Iron Mike Pitching Machine Features

  • Iron Mike pitching machines were the first pitching machines built
  • Iron Mike is also known as Master Pitch
  • Iron Mike pitching machines are mechanically simple, rugged, and practical machines
  • Leading the market with commercial pitching machines and batting cage equipment

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