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Heater Sports Deuce 75 MPH Baseball Pitching Machine Automatic Ball Feeder
Heater Sports Deuce 75 MPH Baseball Pitching Machine
Sale priceFrom $799.99 Regular price$849.99
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Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine With Auto Ballfeeder
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Heater Sports Real 12 inch Softball Machine With Ball Feeder - Pitch Pro Direct
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Heater Pro Real Curveball Pitching Machine with Ball Feeder White Background
Heater Pro Real Curveball Pitching Machine with Ball Feeder
Sale price$549.99 Regular price$599.99
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Heater Real Ball Combo Machine With Auto Ballfeeder - Pitch Pro Direct
Heater Sports Combo Pitching Machine With Ball Feeder
Sale price$649.99 Regular price$699.99
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Heater Real Pitching Machine For 12 inch Softball
Heater Sports 12" Portable Softball Pitching Machine
Sale price$399.99 Regular price$449.99
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First Pitch XL Pitching Machine for Baseball and Softball Front Closeup View
First Pitch XL Baseball / Softball Combo Pitching Machine
Sale price$1,249.00 Regular price$1,349.00

Pitching Machines for Backyard Use

Shop among our collection of pitching machines suitable for backyard use. For a backyard pitching machine, you don't want anything too large and powerful. Smaller machines for youth players tend to work best for backyards. 

Some of our personal favorite backyard pitching machines are from Heater Sports, First Pitch and BATA. These pitching machines are great for youth players and will suit most backyards.

Best Backyard Pitching Machines

We carry backyard pitching machines for all ages, skill levels and budgets. For younger players and smaller budgets, we recommend the Heater Sports Basehit pitching machine. This machine can pitch real baseballs and dimpled pitching machine balls at speeds up to 45 mph and be used for infield and outfield drills. All for under $200! Not bad

For older kids and larger budgets, we recommend the Heater Deuce 75. This pitching machine can pitch at vatiable speeds from 20 - 75 mph, as well as throw grounders, line drives and pop ups. It's one of our overall best selling pitching machines!

We do recommend using a batting cage with your backyard pitching machine for safety reasons. And, if you do decide to purchase a larger and more powerful pitching machine for your backyard, we suggest purchasing a large and durable batting cage to go with it. 

Backyard Pitching Machines