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Pitching Machines for Commercial Use

If you're starting up your own batting cage business, you're going to need a commercial pitching machine. Not all pitching machines for baseball are rated for commercial use, so it is important to purchase one that can withstand hours upon hours of use every day for years. 

Our most popular commercial pitching machines are the Iron Mike pitching machines. The Iron Mike pitching machines are arm-style pitching pitching machines. This means that the pitching machine has an arm, rather than wheels, that catapults the ball into the strike zone. 

The Iron Mikes make for great commercial pitching machines due to their engineering and pitch delivery style. They are heavy-duty machines built with steel, so they are not easily damaged and don't break down easily. These machines have been used in batting cages around the country for decades now.

Commercial Pitching Machines Iron Mike MP-4 Pitching Machine On The Field 

Commercial Pitching Machines and Batting Cages

As for the pitching style, the arm on the machine allows the batter to see the ball in the pitching machine arm as it is being delivered, much like with a live pitcher. This helps with timing and swing.

We also selected 3 other 3-wheel pitching machines in our collection of pitching machines for batting cage businesses: the Hack Attack 3 wheel pitching machine, the Spinball Wizard 3 wheel machine, and the Rawlings Pro Line 3

We selected these pitching machines because they are workhorses and can pitch all kinds of pitches, like fastballs, breaking balls, and more, at speeds up to 100 mph. These machines will work great in a batting cage but cannot hold as many balls as the Iron Mike commercial pitching machines. 

Staff Picked Commercial Pitching Machines

Commercial Pitching Machines Iron Mike MP-4 Pitching Machine

Iron Mike MP4 Commercial Pitching Machine

One of the oldest and most proven pitching machines on the market, the Iron Mike MP4 is a true workhorse. If you've ever been to a batting cage in your town, there's a good chance you've seen one of these commercial pitching machines in action. They utilize a simple arm style mechanism to throw the ball at speeds of 25-80 mph and can hold up to 600 baseballs. Overall, any Iron Mike pitching machine will work great for any batting cage business or commercial shared-use application. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Arm style pitching machine helps batter with timing
  • Throws 25-80+ MPH
  • Hopper feed holds 600 baseballs or 400 softballs
  • Pitches baseballs, fastpitch softball, and slowpitch softball
  • Built-in remote control with 80' cord

Commercial Pitching Machines Jugs BP3 Pitching Machine for Baseball or Softball

Jugs BP3 Pitching Machine

A more modern and technically abled pitching machine, the Jugs BP3 pitching machine has all the bells and whistles. The BP3 can throw fastballs, breaking balls, and more at speeds of 40-90 mph. It comes equipped with an LCD screen, so you can select which pitches you want to throw. Let's see all the features of this pitching machine. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • 40-90 MPH speed range.
  • Large 3" LCD display - set the digital speed you desire by simply turning a knob.
  • Horizontal and vertical micro-adjustment.
  • Changes between fastball and changeup to give your hitters a "real" pitcher vs. hitter experience.