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Top 10 Best Baseball Pitching Nets - 2023 Buyer's Guide

Sep 28, 2021 2 comments

 The Best Baseball Pitching Nets for this Upcoming Season

Are you tired of chasing around loose balls during pitching training?

Whether you’re a player, coach, or parent, spending time trying to round up the countless baseballs or softballs while practicing pitching is tiring and quite tedious.

The solution: a great quality pitching net.

Pitching nets and pitcher's pockets allow more training and a lot less chasing. This means that pitchers will be able to save their energy and can spend more time practicing critical skills like improving throw accuracy, speed and mastering their overall pitching ability.

For our full collection of pitching nets, click here!

Why is this important? First off, players spend a surprising amount of their precious training time gathering balls. Secondly, baseball and softball games are often won by great pitching. The more time that a pitcher spends training and perfecting their craft will carry over into their in-game performance and help your team close out with a win.

The benefits of a great pitching net or pitcher's pocket are invaluable. They allow pitchers to practice without needing someone to throw to. They are a perfect tool for pitchers to warm up during games and between innings. They are also often easy to set up and take down, meaning they can be transported to and from practice, parks or anywhere with enough space to throw a pitch.

So what makes a great pitching net / pitcher's pocket? Let’s break down a few key elements to help you make your decision on which pitching net is right for you!

Pitching Nets: Buyer’s Guide

Practice is just as important as a game. You wouldn’t use a cheaply-constructed glove or a low-quality bat in a game, you would use high-quality, trustworthy gear that you know will help you perform better on the field. Just like you use great quality gear in a game, you should be using a great quality pitching screen in practice.


The ease of setting up, taking down, moving and storing a pitching screen is a very important factor when weighing your options. There is a good chance that you or, if you’re a coach, your pitcher will be practicing up to five days per week. Taking five minutes to set up and five minutes to tear down a net would take nearly one hour per week out of your team’s precious training time, and this wasted time is exactly what we’re trying to avoid.

The good news is that most of the pitching nets discussed in this article are easy to transport and assemble. We recommend looking for a pitching net that features a quick and easy assembly time and that is highly portable. One that is lightweight, compact and has a carrying bag is ideal. This way you can take it with you anywhere you go, without the hassle.


When it comes to the size of the pitching net, consider the location where you plan on using it and how often you will use that space to practice. If you intend on doing most of your training in the backyard of your home, a larger pitching net may be the better option to decrease the chance that any out-of-control throws accidentally smash through your neighbor’s window.

However, if you plan to use it at the field during practice or a large, open area, then you won’t need to worry as much about the occasional wild throw wreaking havoc on your surroundings and a smaller net may suffice.

Pitching screens come in a variety of sizes but most commonly range from 5ft x 5ft to 7ft x 7ft. In general, most pitchers will be just fine in this range. For newer pitchers working on their skills, a larger size may be best as it will catch balls that are thrown across a wider area. For more advanced pitchers, we recommend a smaller net as it can help dial in pitch accuracy.

Net Quality: Which Type of Net is Best? 

A crucial element of a quality pitching net is the quality of the mesh netting itself. It’s best to avoid cheap netting and go for a high-quality material. Most nets are composed of either industrial-strength polyester (like polyethylene) or nylon material.

Industrial-Strength Polyester

  • Highly functional but lower durability
  • Best for amateur pitchers
  • Moderate use



  • High-quality and highly durable
  • Best for more advanced pitchers with faster throws
  • Moderate to heavy use


Net durability is extremely important. The last thing you want to be doing is ordering new netting every season because your previous net has already worn out. Look out for pitching screens that feature thick, lightweight netting that is weather-resistant. Some nets will also boast a PU (polyurethane) coating. This poly-coating is applied to provide a lightweight, weather-resistant, flexible and overall more durable net.

Frame Construction

Equally as important as the netting quality, the construction of the pitching net frame needs to be made of material that is sturdy and stable. The stability of a pitching screen does not mean that it needs to be super heavy or large, but be mindful of the weight and design of the frame. Throwing heaters at a net that is unbalanced and can be easily knocked over defeats its entire purpose and renders it useless, even to players with slower pitch speeds.

Most manufacturers of the top-selling pitching screens implement a high level of craftsmanship into their design and will frequently use a steel frame construction. We suggest looking for pitching nets made with a good quality steel frame as steel is strong, stiff and robust, which means the net won’t even budge against those high-speed heaters. Make sure you pay attention to the overall weight of the net to assure easy portability.

Looking back at the aforementioned traits, you should have a better understanding of the qualities that make up a great pitching net. Hopefully, you’re now able to differentiate the cheap, poorly made nets from the durable, high-quality ones designed from expert craftsmanship. With this in mind, let’s dive into the top ten best pitching nets of 2023!

Top 10 Pitching Nets of 2023

1. Pitcher's Pocket Pro

Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

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Easily our best selling pitching net and pitching training aid, the Pitcher's Pocket Pro will help you learn how to paint the corners and take your game to the next level. 

Pick which of the 9 pockets to throw into to increase your pitching skills. Aim for the corners and strike out the batter! Pitching with a 9 hole pitcher's pocket is like pitching with a live catcher and umpire that tell you exactly where the ball hits.

Pitcher's Pocket Features

  • 9 individual pockets
  • Adjustable height
  • Quickly increase your pitch aim and accuracy
  • Preferred pitching aid by many coaches across the country

Pitching Pocket Dimensions

  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Dimension: 2'6"H x 1'10"W

2. Pro Command Pitching Target

Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

The Pro Command Target was designed by a professional pitching coach/ former pitcher with over 30 years of experience. The purpose was to provide a realistic pitching target that resembled the ideal and most accurate visual a pitcher of all ages sees from the mound. 

The Pro Command Target's uniqueness is an actual size catcher with perfectly located targets that every pitcher needs to hit in order to have optimal success. The catcher’s mitts were designed to give pitchers the glove details that will allow them to see a small lace or light coming through the web to aim small and miss small. The objective is for pitchers to miss within the intended glove, not missing it entirely. 


  • Realistic pitching target
  • Actual size catcher with perfectly located targets
  • Glove details that allows the pitcher to see a small lace or light coming through the web.
  • Flexible and can be attached to any Soccer net, Lacrosse goal, an L-screen or any fence
  • The size of this live size catcher is 39.5” x 44.25”and can be easily transported

3. Pitcher’s Pocket 9 Hole 

Pitcher’s Pocket 9 hole

The Pitcher’s Pocket from Better Baseball is the perfect pitcher's pocket for beginners and for pitchers to practice throwing strikes at its 45-inch tall x 35-inch wide net. Its small stature is easily transported, though it doesn’t feature a collapsible design.

With 9 individual pockets, players can work on improving their accuracy by throwing pitches at specific spots within the strike zone. The sturdy and durable design is constructed with a galvanized steel frame and industrial gauge #60 net to withstand a high volume of high-speed pitches. The padded frame protects it from these fast pitches and prevents balls from sustaining damage.

Order today for FREE shipping!


  • Durable: padded galvanized steel frame & industrial grade #60 net
  • Accuracy training: improve accuracy with the 9 individual pockets
  • Great for beginners to practice throwing strikes


  • Not as easily portable as other practice nets but is small in size

4. Oates Specialties Pitching Pad 


This item is unlike the other pitching nets on our list, and it comes with additional features that make it an attractive purchase. Rather than just a net, the Pitching Pad is like it sounds, instead of a net pitchers throw at a durable pad.

It has similar dimensions to other pitching screens, but the pad has a strike zone design that can focus pitchers on painting the corners and hitting specific parts of the strike zone. The pad can be attached to fences, nets, or other screens, and it will transform a simple training space into a pitcher’s dream.


  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Both softball and baseball pitchers can use it
  • More durable than a traditional pitching screen
  • Thick inner foam prevents damage to the pad


  • Not sold with a net and screen
  • Premium price point

Our customers also love this safety field screen too! 

5. TAP "K" Pitching Target

The Tap K Target is an affordable pitching pad product that differs from traditional pitching screens and targets. The design has five different colors, so it can be adapted to different pitching and throwing drills to increase accuracy.

Have your pitchers and fielders work on pinpoint accuracy by calling out the different colors, so they know where to aim the ball. The Target is more durable than most nets and can be attached to a variety of training equipment including nets and fences.

It can be used by both softball and baseball players and was designed to withstand fast pitches with regulation baseballs and softballs. The size of the target is 66" x 42".

Order today for FREE shipping! 


  • Affordable price
  • Made of durable materials
  • Unique color design to improve accuracy
  • Can be used for a variety of drills


  • Not sold with net or screen
  • Color design is made to cause visual stress, advanced training equipment

6. Rukket Baseball Practice Net


Rukket Baseball Practice Net


Buy from Amazon

If you’re looking for the best value pitching net for your dollar, look no further than the 7x7 Rukket Baseball Practice Net. Measuring in at 7 feet wide x 7 feet tall, it’s the perfect net to practice your pitching from virtually anywhere without the worry of balls flying all over or going places they shouldn’t. It boasts a lightweight, foldable design that only takes a couple of minutes to set up. In addition, its lightweight net and collapsible frame make it highly portable, and the added carrying bag makes it easy to transport it from place to place.


  • Durable: 2X double-thick 7-ply knotless netting
  • Sturdy: flexible fiberglass poles with 1-inch thick steel rod frame
  • Highly portable: lightweight & compact foldable design with carrying bag
  • Rukket 100% Lifetime Warranty: satisfaction guarantee, lifetime replacement parts & 24/7 USA-based customer support


  • Netting & fiberglass poles may wear down quicker than premium pitching nets

7. GoSports 7x7 Pitching Net


GoSports 7x7 Pitching Net


Buy from Amazon

Similar to the 7ft x 7ft Rukket Baseball Practice Net, the GoSports 7x7 Pitching Net features a lightweight and collapsible design that you can fold up. You can also store it in the convenient carrying bag that’s included with the net. It’s made using a powder-coated steel frame and strong polyester net which supports its durable, lightweight construction and takes just 90 seconds to set up, making for easy portability. The flexible fiberglass poles that make up the bow style frame are designed for easy attachment of the netting as well. With this net, you can train from anywhere without the hassle of having to transport a large, heavy pitching net. As a bonus, the GoSports 7x7 Pitching Net comes with an attachable strike zone for players to keep track of their pitches and hone in on their throw accuracy.


  • Highly portable: foldable bow frame and lightweight netting with carrying bag
  • Sturdy: added metal stakes to easily anchor the net
  • Affordable: great value for its price - won’t break the bank
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some reported cases of cracked fiberglass poles after mild use

8. PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net


PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net


Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

Buy from Amazon

Instant and portable are exactly what the PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net does best. At 7-foot x 7-foot, it’s big enough to catch those pitches that are thrown a little too far outside the strike zone. Its large bow style frame firmly holds the netting in place while the weighted steel base and the included ground stakes provide solid stability. The fiberglass poles also interlock with the steel base for easy and quick setup or breakdown, which PowerNet proudly states takes less than two minutes. The knotless polyester net has a PU coating to withstand a high volume of use and features a built-in deep sock net to catch and hold multiple buckets of balls during training. This collapsible training net is lightweight and provides high portability with a carrying bag for easy transportation and storage, during and between practice sessions. It’s also endorsed by MLB shortstop Andrelton Simmons and other pro players.


  • Trustworthy: used & endorsed by pro players
  • Large sock net to catch & hold balls during training
  • Highly portable: collapsible construction with lightweight netting & fiberglass bow frame


  • Some buyers have experienced quicker wear down with repeatedly high use

Bonus: We also love the Powernet 7x7 + I screen bundle or the 8x8 net for baseball or softball.

    9. Bownet Big Mouth


    Bownet Big Mouth pitching net


    Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

    Buy from Amazon

    If you want a high-quality, innovative and portable pitching net, look no further than the Bownet Big Mouth. Its featured BMX® frame has a weighted gauge steel base that provides great stability and a one-piece BOW frame construction that is specifically engineered to be more durable and provide a seamless setup in as little as 60 seconds. The collapsible 7-foot x 7-foot composition is large enough to be used safely in many locations but can be easily stored and transported without any fuss. Bownet notably paid great attention to detail by using high-grade material in their craftsmanship from the 30-ply weather-proof netting down to the robust carrying bag included.

    Order today for FREE shipping!


    • High-quality craftsmanship
    • Highly portable: lightweight collapsible frame with durable carrying bag
    • Easy setup: one-piece BOW frame construction; takes as little as 60 seconds to set up


    • More expensive than alternatives due to high-grade materials

    10. SKLZ PitchBack Baseball and Softball Pitching Net and Rebounder


    SKLZ PitchBack Baseball and Softball Pitching Net and Rebounder


    Buy from Amazon

    The SKLZ PitchBack pitching net and rebounder has the advantage of being able to return balls at various adjustable angles, making it great for players to practice pitching, throwing and fielding. Sizing at 2’ 11.5” wide x 4’ 8” tall, it’s the perfect choice for youth players to simulate hits off their pitches and includes a red strike zone ribbon for accuracy training. The durable construction features a sturdy metal frame, all-weather 21-ply netting and ground stakes for added stability. Its foldable design makes for quick setup and high portability with easy transport and storage.


    • Adjustable bounceback angles for pitching & fielding practice
    • Sturdy: strong construction & greater stability with ground stakes
    • Quick assembly: foldable design & easy to adjust angles


    • Sturdiness may be affected by uneven ground surfaces

    Honorable Mentions

    11. Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net


    Champion Sports Multi-Sport Rebounder Net


    Buy from Amazon

    If you want versatility, here it is. The high level of versatility that the Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net presents means that it’s not only great for baseball or softball but for any sport. The 3.5-foot x 6-foot adjustable rebounding screen has a 1 ¼-inch thick powder coated steel frame that’s durable and sturdy. Its lightweight build makes it convenient for transporting to and from practice locations, and the tough nylon net is designed to hold tight against high-speed pitches, in addition to other sports balls.


    • Versatile: can be used for training across multiple sports
    • Durable: powder coated steel frame with strong nylon netting screen
    • Adjustable rebounding screen angles for practicing a variety of drills


    • Does not have a collapsible design

    Honorable Mentions

    12. McHom Baseball & Softball Practice Net Set


    McHom Baseball & Softball Practice Net Set


    Buy from Amazon

    Are you throwing heaters and in need of a pitching net that’s extra durable with stability you can trust? Then the McHom Baseball & Softball Practice Net Set is just the thing for you. Made with a thick steel frame base and a knotless polyester netting with PU coating, this net is designed to hold firm against whatever you throw at it. Additionally, the added ground stakes secure the firm base to put your mind at ease while you’re slinging pitches. This set also comes with multiple accessories including weighted training balls, an adjustable tee and a strike zone attachment to practice throw accuracy.


    • Durable: sturdy steel frame construction with PU-coated knotless polyester netting
    • Includes multiple accessories to aid training
    • Easy portability: quick assembly & collapsible design with an added carrying bag


    • Some buyers have had issues with the adjustable tee breaking after use

    13. SKLZ Portable Baseball / Softball Hitting Net


    SKLZ Portable Baseball / Softball Hitting Net


    Buy from Amazon

    Available in two sizes (5x5 and 7x7), the SKLZ Portable practice net is one of the best-selling nets with outstanding reviews. The proprietary material used in their netting, along with its tough fiberglass bow style frame construction with added ground stakes, create a durable and stable net that will last. The quick setup and breakdown let players practice at parks, schools or the backyard with minimal effort. Its lightweight design and included carrying bag also make portability a breeze.


    • Practice anywhere: lightweight structure with carrying bag for easy portability
    • Durable: proprietary material netting & fiberglass bow frame
    • Easy to use: quick setup, breakdown & storage


    • Best suited for younger players; may wear down quicker with heavier use

    14. ZENY 7'×7' Baseball Softball Practice Net


    ZENY 7'×7' Baseball Softball Practice Net


    Buy from Amazon

    The ZENY 7’x7’ practice net is a top seller with an affordable price tag. Its durable construction is composed of a powder coated steel frame, flexible fiberglass poles and robust tear-resistant polyester netting. The rubber feet on the legs and steel ground stakes provide greater stability against fast pitches and the attachable strike zone aids in accuracy training. Quick assembly without needing any tools means you’ll be able to practice anytime, and with the included carrying bag, anywhere.


    • Affordable: a quality net with great value
    • Easy portability: lightweight, collapsible design with quick setup & carrying bag
    • Bonus strike zone helps players improve pitch accuracy


    • Fiberglass poles may wear down over time

    Final Thoughts

    A good quality baseball or softball pitching net can help you evolve your skills while saving you time and energy chasing balls around during training. Our top ten pitching nets were hand-picked and are suitable for all players, from newbie to pro.


    No matter what you choose, only you know what’s right for your needs. Pick a net that is durable, has great portability, and one that you’ll spend less time setting up and collecting balls so you can maximize your valuable training time. Play ball!

    Amanda DiSilvestro

    Kevin King

    Kevin King is the founder of Anytime Baseball a Dodger fan and a lover of all things baseball.

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      Marc on

    • Are there any digital type p-nets available. Looking for something for all ages to use at a wellness center. I have seen hockey shooting screens that are digital. Thinking something interactive electronically would be a great addition. Thanks

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