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15-mil-polyethylene-baseball-field-tarp-silver-white Covering The Field
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15 Mil Polyethylene Baseball Field Tarp Silver/White

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15 Mil Polyethylene Baseball Field Cover Silver/White

Shield your baseball field from rain and inclement weather with our high-quality baseball field tarp, proudly manufactured in the USA! Designed specifically for Softball and Baseball fields, these covers are made from a lightweight triple-coated UV, rot, and mildew-resistant woven polyethylene material. Experience the ultimate convenience and durability with features like perimeter handles for rapid deployment and folding. The blackout construction reduces the "greenhouse effect" to safeguard your grass. 

These baseball field covers are stocked in a lightweight triple, coated UV-resistant white/black or white/silver woven polyethylene in a 12(6.3 oz./yd.) or 15(7.0 oz./yd.) mil material. Each cover has handles every 15'' and grommets every 10'' around the perimeter with a hemmed edge. We offer the Athletic Field Cover in 4 commonly used standard sizes and can custom make one to your specifications if needed.

Baseball Field Tarp Features

  • Lightweight triple coated UV resistant polyethylene material
  • Handles every 15" for easy deployment and folding
  • Grommets every 10" for a secure fit
  • Available in 12 mil (6.3 oz./yd.) or 15 mil (7.0 oz./yd.) thickness
  • Hemmed edge for durability
  • Standard sizes and customization options are available

15-mil-polyethylene-baseball-field-tarp-silver-white Being Set Up In The Field