Slow Pitch Pitching Machines for Softball

Softball Slow Pitch Machines

Practice your softball hitting skills with a slow pitch pitching machine. Not all pitching machines are designed for slow pitch softball, so it is important to know which machines are best for slow pitch. 

For slow pitch, it's necessary to find a machine that has the ability to slow the pitch down to speeds appropriate for your league, and to try to get an appropriate amount of arc on the pitch. 

Not all softball pitching machines offer the same speeds and arc, so you should first understand what you need for your league. We carry all different types of slow pitch machines with different price points, speed levels, and arc.

Slow Pitch Arc

Every slow pitch league has different regulations on the arc that the softball must be pitched at. Depending on the league, the necessary arc could be anywhere from 6 - 12'. Be sure to check with your league's rule book to find out what arc height is regulation for your league, so when you purchase a slow pitch machine, you purchase the right one. 

Slow Pitch Machine Speeds

The preferred pitch speed is completely up to you. If you know you will be facing pitcher's that pitch at speeds of 25 mph, you'll want a machine that can slow it down to 25 mph. Actually, most pitching machines are designed to pitch must faster than this and some of these machines can't slow it down to speeds that you may see in your slow pitch league. Because of this, it is important to find a machine that will pitch balls at your desired speeds. We carry machines that pitch at a wide array of speeds, so you won't have a problem finding the right machine.

Browse through our wide selection of machines and find the best slow pitch softball pitching machine for sale!

Best Pitching Machines for Slow Pitch

As mentioned earlier, we have many different machines with slow pitch capabilities. However, each machine has different speed ratings and arc, so we went ahead and gave some information about speed and arc for each machine below. 

Iron Mike Pitching Machines for Slow Pitch

All Iron Mike pitching machines can be used for slow pitch softball. 

  • All Iron Mike pitching machines can lob softballs with an arc of 6'-10'
  • The C-82 machine can throw softballs at speeds as slow as 15-60 mph
  • The MP-4, MP-5 and MP-6 can throw softballs at speeds of 20-80 mph

Please note that all Iron Mike machines throw with an overhand motion, not underhand, but can still achieve the necessary arc for slow pitch. When ordering, please indicate that the machine will be used for slow pitch softball.

Heater Sports Pitching Machines for Slow Pitch

We carry several Heater Sports pitching machines that can pitch slow pitch softballs.

Heater sports offers some of the best slow pitch machines at the lowest prices! 

First Pitch Pitching Machines for Slow Pitch

First Pitch machines offer several pitching machines with slow pitch capabilities, each offering different levels of speed and arc.

  • The First Pitch Baseline can pitch both baseballs and softballs at speeds as low as 18 mph up to 70 mph. Just tilt the machine back and get a pitch arc of up to 12'!
  • The Ace by First Pitch can also throw baseball and softballs. The Ace will throw softballs at speeds as low as 18 mph and features an adjustable tilt mechanism, allowing you to get an arc of up to 12'. The Ace also offers underhand pitches with topspin, making it one of the best slow pitch pitching machines out! 
  • Much like the Baseline and Ace, the First Pitch XL can also throw slow pitch at speeds as low as 18 and all the way up to 80 mph, with an arc up to 12'! The XL is one of the largest and more powerful machines from First Pitch, making it very diverse among all kinds of baseball and softball leagues. 

Louisville Slugger for Slow Pitch

And last but not least, the Louisville Slugger pitching machines are our most popular softball slow pitch pitching machines. 

  • The Blue Flame UPM45 is approved by the majority of youth baseball leagues and can real softballs from speeds of 18 to 45 mph
  • The Louisville Black Flame is very accurate and can throw softballs at speeds up to 50 mph

Mechanical pitching machines like the Blue Flame and Black Flame are great because they are so lightweight and require no power supply!  


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