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15 Baseball Training Aids Your Kid Needs This Season [2023]

Oct 15, 2020 1 comment

15 of The Very Best Baseball Training Aids - Swing Trainers, Pitching Training Tools, and More!

If you are on the prowl for one or several baseball training aids, you have come to the right place.  We have sorted through the litany of options to pinpoint the best baseball training aids, including swing analyzers, swing trainers pitching nets, pitching targets, 9 hole pitching pocketsweighted balls, protective screens, and more. 

Baseball training aids and swing trainers of all sorts are available to improve ability in terms of batting, pitching and fielding.  Our team has whittled down the pack, highlighting the cream of the crop in terms of brand, model, intended use, price and most importantly, merit in the context of improving baseball skills.

Sort through the baseball training aids highlighted below, pick up a couple for yourself or your youngster and it won't take long to notice a meaningful improvement.  Without further ado, let's take a look at the top baseball training aids.

1. 9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket Pitching Aid


9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket Pitching Aid


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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pitch baseballs directly into durable pockets, each of which represents a segment of the strike zone without needing a person to serve as your catcher? It is now possible thanks to the Pitcher’s Pocket 9 Hole Baseball Pitching Training aid. This convenient baseball pitching tool makes it that much easier to hit your target in the strike zone without forcing a family member or friend to strap on the catcher’s gear and risk injury while serving as your catcher. 

This baseball pitching aid provides an experience that replicates pitching to a real catcher. The best part is the device has a built-in umpire in the form of its nine pockets that identify when you have successfully thrown strikes.  The entirety of the pockets symbolize the size of a real batter’s strike zone. In fact, the aid is even built with adjustable legs that can be moved to shift the strike zone to varying heights, each of which corresponds to batters of varying sizes. The Pitcher’s Pocket is popular to the point that college teams and some MLB teams use it for practice.  The baseball training aid’s details are as follows:

  • Height of 2 feet, 6 inches
  • Width of 1 foot, 10 inches
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • 9 pockets
  • Height is adjustable

2. TAP Pitcher's Friend Resistance Tubing

To keep your pitching arm in tip-top shape, you need to loosen, activate, strengthen and stretch all the muscles in your upper body and arms. That’s where the Pitcher's Friend Resistance Tubing comes in. They function similar to resistance bands and have a low impact on joints while it can be used to strengthen and stretch your throwing arm in a safe and controlled manner.

It can be used both for strength training, injury prevention, and as a pre-pitching or pre-throwing workout. It’s designed for pitchers, but any baseball player can get great use out of this equipment. Player health and longevity are getting more and more attention these days, and this piece of equipment will help you improve your durability and get you ready to take the field.

Features include:

  • Padded wrist bands
  • Easily cleaned synthetic leather
  • Five-foot sections of resistance tubing
  • Portable
  • Five resistance levels
  • Also can be used by athletes in swimming, tennis, volleyball, and golf

3. Bownet Big Mouth Pro Portable Baseball Net


Bownet Big Mouth Pro Portable Baseball Net


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This protective net prevents baseballs from traveling beyond the area of play.  Set up the Bownet Big Mouth portable net at your chosen field of play, pitch baseballs into it and you will rest easy knowing your pitches will not venture beyond the targeted area.  The net can also be used as a protective barrier for softball pitchers.  In fact, you can also underhand toss baseballs or softballs to a batter standing in front of the net and let him or her swing away, powering balls directly into the net for swing practice. 

The Big Mouth Pro Portable Protective Net features are as follows:

  • Heavy professional grade netting
  • Stands more than 8 feet in height
  • Width of 7 feet, 5 inches
  • Weight of 22 pounds
  • Thick poles made of fiberglass for extra stability
  • Durable base made of steel
  • Takes merely a minute and a half to set up
  • Easy portability thanks to its carry bag that measures 48" x 7" x 6"

4. King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer


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Pitching is a chain reaction and each motion on your body fuels the next motion.  Leg drive creates energy that fuels your lower half, which increases upper body acceleration, which increases arm speed and ultimately velocity. 

The King of the Hill pitching tool helps pitchers use their legs properly and draw more power from their lower half to pitch harder and more efficiently. The additional force created from training with the King of the Hill pitching trainer transfers from the legs to the pitcher's arm, taking stress off the arm while increasing velocity. 

Pitching Trainer Features:

  • Create more energy with bottom half of body
  • Transfer energy from bottom half to arm, creating more velocity
  • Trainer gives instant audible feedback on pitching form

5. TAP Precision Target

Oates Specialties designed this small, portable, and lightweight target that can be hung on nets or fences. It was designed to fix a problem Flint Wallace, the pitching coordinator of the Colorado Rockies had.

Other portable targets are heavy and cause nets and pitching screens to sag, so Oates Specialties created this lightweight alternative specifically for traveling teams or anyone else who needs a portable pitching target. It will fit easily in a backpack or travel bag, so it can be used in a variety of settings. It’s durable and sturdy, and it also provides immediate auditory feedback for pitchers, they’ll hear it if they hit the target. 


  • Available in single or three-pack
  • Lightweight and can fit on most screens and nets
  • Won’t cause nets and screens to sag
  • Bright target 
  • Travel size

6. SKLZ Baseball Training Ball


SKLZ Baseball Training Ball


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SKLZ has quickly developed a reputation for elite sports training products including some used by high-level baseball and softball players.  Give the SKLZ training baseballs a try and you will enjoy instantaneous feedback in terms of both pitching and hitting.  The company’s training baseballs really do make it that much easier to fine tune pitching as well as swinging motions.  Give these weighted baseballs a try and you will find they help you step up your baseball game to the next level. 

Built with posterity in mind, SKLZ’s training baseballs will prove strong and durable across several seasons.  Even if you have a flamethrower for an arm or swing especially hard, these training baseballs will retain their integrity for continued use, season after season.  The weighted baseballs are optimal for pre-game warmups and training sessions, making it that much easier to bolster pitching/throwing strength. 

The SKLZ training baseballs weigh more than regular baseballs used in actual gameplay yet are built and sized similar to regular balls.  In fact, these training balls are solid to the point that they can withstand thousands of hits with metal baseball bats without falling apart.  Check out the instantaneous feedback after contact is made with these training balls, use the information to improve your technique, continue to improve your strength and you will agree they are well worth the small investment.

7. ProMounds PVTee Batting Tee Baseball Swing Trainer


ProMounds PVTee Batting Tee Baseball Swing Trainer


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Some batting tees are built to last a single season while others are designed to be repeatedly hit with the full force of a metal baseball bat over and over again and still prove functional as time progresses.  ProMounds Batting Tee falls in the latter of the two categories. The ProMounds Batting Tee is widely heralded as one of the industry’s best training aids.  The tee is comprised of a 10-pound base along with a pivot that is flexible to the point that it cannot be knocked over.  The combination of the pivot and weighted base empower baseball players to zero in on their swing without worrying about putting the tee back into the proper position.  Once the tee is struck with the bat, the pivot returns to the upright position right away.

In short, this is the perfect training aid to enhance your baseball swing in surprisingly little time.  The tee is highlighted by a neck that can be adjusted with ease, empowering the batter to alter the batting tee height from 27 inches to 47 inches to cover the full strike zone.  Furthermore, this baseball training aid is built with a specialized magnet that empowers the batter to remove the base’s stem and position it in a bag in merely a couple seconds.  This is exactly what you need to quickly transport the tee to and from the diamond or other play space. 

Additional merits of the ProMounds Batting Tee are as follows:

  • Weighted base
  • Elite construction
  • Flexibility ensures the tee returns to original position
  • Portable design
  • Magnet ensures stem can be separated from the base with ease
  • Pivot construction shifts impact away from the batter’s bat and hands
  • Engineered with an adjustable design for height alterations as desired

8. TAP Shoulder Tube

You see all kinds of professional athletes with this type of shoulder tube and for good reason. It is used for warm-up activities, recovery, and shoulder strength training. It’s a simple piece of equipment that any athlete will get the hang of in no time. To use it, you hold the tube out with your arm and shake it back and forth.

This motion and the tube create oscillations that activate your muscles and provide resistance against them. It has a solid flexible shaft with cylindrical end-weights at both ends and a cushioned hand grip at its center, so it is comfortable to use. Overall, it increases arm strength and health, promoting a longer and healthier playing career.


  • Increases shoulder strength and blood flow
  • Use in recovery, warm, or strength training
  • Suitable for any athlete

9. Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Mechanical Pitching Machine


Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Apex Mechanical Pitching Machine


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This Louisville Slugger tee training system is exactly what you or your little one need to become a better batter.  The tee system is built with a telescoping arm that can be adjusted for batters of varying heights.  Whether you have an entire team of little leaguers who need to practice their swings or if you are the coach of a college or professional baseball team, you will get considerable use out of this soft toss machine. 

The machine is compact and designed to collapse to ensure you can train from any location regardless of whether you have a partner to lend a helping hand.  It does not matter if the batter is four feet tall or seven feet tall – this soft toss machine’s telescoping arm is adjustable to accommodate hitters of every height.  The machine is even complex to the point that its adjustable timer releases at your preferred interval ranging from 10 seconds to 8 seconds and all the way down to 6 seconds. There are other pitching machines, like Iron Mike pitching machines, that would be great for helping your kid with their swing as well! 

10. Insider Bat Baseball Pitching Trainer


Insider Bat Baseball Pitching Trainer


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This bundle is complete with baseballs featuring colored circles that ensure the optimal finger placement, ensuring you have every opportunity to learn the nuances of each pitch.  In fact, the bundle even has a series of licensed Insider Bat instructional cards complete with extensive information and pictures that display the ideal grip for baseball pitches.  Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you can use this training ball.  The ball is official size and weight to guarantee it feels just like the baseballs used in real games. 

11. Rawlings Baseball Resistance Band Training Aid


Rawlings Baseball Resistance Band Swing Trainer


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Comprised of composite/plastic, these resistance bands are as durable as it gets.  You can place your trust in these resistance bands without hesitation as they are made by one of the game’s top companies in Rawlings. 

Whether you are a baseball novice, of intermediate skill or an expert, you will find these resistance bands help improve your game.  Loosen up your shoulders, elbows and the rest of your body with these resistance bands before hitting the field of play and you will greatly reduce the risk of injury.  This is exactly what you need to bolster your flexibility, stay healthy and realize your true potential as a baseball player.  You can also use these resistance bands to cool down following batting and pitching practice.

12. Easton Bat Weight 16 oz Baseball Swing Trainer


Easton Bat Weight 16 oz Baseball Swing Trainer


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Give this bat weight swing trainer a try while warming up in the on-deck circle and you will find it is that much easier to hit baseballs when you get up to the plate.  This weighted donut hastens your swing speed, helping you hit the ball harder and farther. 

Both 16 ounce and 28 ounce bat weights are available, each of which is made with sturdy vinyl-laden cast iron that fits tightly along the bat barrel.  Made by the trusted brand of Easton, this baseball swing trainer is built to stand the test of time.

13. SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Swing Trainer


SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Swing Trainer


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This portable baseball swing training tool is used by baseball and softball players alike.  This baseball swing trainer boosts your hitting prowess through repetition.  Give the Hurricane a try and you will find your muscle memory, hip rotation, swinging motion and hand-eye coordination all improve. Baseball swing trainers like this one provide reliable ball return with the advanced swing arm.  There is even an anti-dent head that safeguards your bat from damage.

The Hurricane system’s power band alters the baseball return speed.  Resistance can be adjusted with either of the two power bands.  Furthermore, the unit is designed for rapid portability and storage thanks to its quick action folding legs.  The Hurricane can be used by baseball players at all levels as the unit can be adjusted between 38 inches and 23 inches in height. 

Add in the fact that the Hurricane comes with its own convenient carry bag along with metal spikes for use on grass and you have all the more reason to pick this baseball swing trainer up for the baseball player in your family or your little league team.

14. Line Drive Pro Baseball Swing Trainer


Line Drive Pro Baseball Swing Trainer


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This training tool requires that the hitter swings through the strike zone to blast practice balls.  The swing trainers patented design mandates that hitters execute the optimal swing mechanics.  The machine provides instantaneous visual feedback to ensure players see exactly where the ball goes and feel the mechanics of the proper swinging motion.  This aid does a fantastic job of reinforcing the importance of a compact swing. 

If you or the young player in your family is struggling to achieve the optimal muscle memory for swinging, give this tool a try and you will find it really does make it that much easier to swing properly.  The swing trainer includes:

  • A mesh bag
  • Several practice balls
  • Velcro straps

15. Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer / Swing Trainer


Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer / Swing Trainer


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Swing trainers like this are unique and one of a kind.  Providing nearly unparalleled swing analysis accuracy, this system is designed to enhance the power of a hitter’s swing.  Pro baseball players, college players and little leaguers alike use this tool.  The machine’s Blast Sensor can be connected to any baseball bat and analyze swing motion without a lengthy set up and/or extensive calibration process. 

The Blast studies each swing, providing valuable insight along with helpful drills to enhance player performance.  The Blast Baseball Analyzer is advanced to the point that it captures smart video of each swing, overlaying the metrics for your review.

Honorable Mentions

16. Big League Drop Toss & Big Play Net


Big League Drop Toss Machine & Big Play Net


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This machine has been carefully designed to enhance players’ swinging motions and hand-eye coordination.  The machine is highlighted by a 12-baseball auto feeder.  There is a separate compartment for the machine’s 8-hour battery.  This battery can be recharged as desired.  However, the battery is sold separately.  The machine can also be powered through an included power adapter.  If you would like to use four C batteries, they will also power the unit.  The lightweight design proves durable across posterity.  Furthermore, the fact that batteries can be used to power the machine make the machine quite easy to transport and set up.

Fire up the Big League and you will find it provides a flawless toss every single time without exception.  This is your opportunity to put some juice into your swinging motion.  The catch net serves as the companion piece.  This net is also designed for portability.  The Spring Away’s Steel Spring net greatly enhances flexibility and strength.  The net proves rugged, strong and easy to use, largely due to its Tubular Steel base complete with a push-pin. 

Go ahead and set up this device wherever you desire and you will find taking it down and transporting it back home is much easier than expected.  The Spring Away has formidable 1” poly netting that can be used for baseballs, softballs, golf balls and beyond.  The Spring Away really will catch just about any type of ball at nearly any speed and level of force.  There is also a carry bag that accommodates the unit, ensuring you can load it up for quick and easy transportation to the practice field, diamond, home or elsewhere.

17. Heater Sports Power Alley Lite Baseball Pitching Machine


Heater Sports Power Alley Lite Baseball Pitching Machine


Click Here to Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

This pitching machine is made by one of the industry’s most revered names - Heater Sports.  The machine pitches baseballs in the form of pop-flys, grounders and fastball pitches.  The machine is complete with a formidable A/C motor that pitches lite balls upwards of 60 miles per hour and soft lite balls upwards of 40 miles per hour.  The machine features an enclosed wheel that guarantees player safety.  Add in the fact that this is one of the most affordable pitching machines available and you have all the more reason to use it for your little league practices, high school practices or even minor/major league practice sessions.

The Power Alley Lite-Ball Pitching Machine can be plugged into standard wall outlets and used for several hours of practice.  Whether you are interested in fielding ground balls, pop-flys or hitting fastballs, this machine is perfect.  Additional features of the Power Alley Lite-Ball Pitching Machine include:

  • A tripod complete with rubber tips
  • Adjustable height for pitches
  • Functional with standard A/C power

18. Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer


Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer


Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could replay and analyze your baseball swing from your chosen angles in 360-degrees?  The Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer does exactly that.  This nifty tech tool tracks your bat’s swing, the angle of your swing, your swing plane and other details.  Your swing is recorded and analyzed in HD video.  In fact, the technology is complex to the point that you can even compare your swing to those of real major league baseball players.  Make full use of this swing analyzer and it won’t take long to maximize your hitting potential. 

The analyzer includes:

  • A sensor
  • A mount for the bat
  • Apps for immediate analysis

The bat mount connects to all baseball and softball bats.  If you have a glove mount, this nifty swing analyzer tool will even analyze your golf swing.  If you have a racket mount, the analyzer will also function on your tennis racket.  The analyzer features a small sensor for quick an easy recharging.  Give this nifty device a try and you will have all the data you need to reach your potential at the plate.

Training Aids are the Missing Piece to Your Baseball Puzzle

Baseball training aids are exactly what you need to meet your potential as a hitter, pitcher or fielder.  Make use of one or several of the training aids detailed above and you will find your hand-eye coordination significantly improves, translating to better performance on the diamond.  The beauty of baseball training aids also lies in the fact that they replace other players and coaches, ensuring you can practice on your own regardless of your location, time of day and other factors.

If you are uncertain as to which baseball training aid is optimal for your specific needs, consider your weak points.  If you are a solid hitter and pitcher yet struggle with fielding, whittle down the field of training aids to those designed to improve fielding.  Fielding aids include training balls, gloves and other accessories.  Pitching aids include nets, throwing accessories, training balls and other tools.  Batting aids range from tees to pitching machines and nets.  Consider the intended use, brand, model, price and other factors before making a decision.


The Merits of Baseball Training Aids

The quickest and most efficient way to improve your baseball skills is to use a baseball training aid.  Whether you are a pitcher, designated hitter or fielding specialist, you can improve your technique and success on the diamond with the right baseball training aids.  The benefits of baseball training aids include:

Enhanced Reflexes: Baseball players are known for their sharp eyesight.  However, fantastic vision is not the lone determinant of success on the field.  Reaction time is also important.  Use the right baseball training aids and you will boost your reflexes to the point that you develop the muscle memory necessary to reach your true potential on the field of play.  Baseball trainers teach the maneuvers and techniques necessary to develop the proper form.

Baseball Training Aids Help You Save Time:

It is awfully difficult to get your son or daughter to practice several times per week.  Furthermore, it takes planning to reserve diamonds for practice.  Instead, opt for baseball training aids and your child will be able to hone his or her skills without carving out time to get to the diamond and hope teammates and coaches show up.

Enhance Your Overall Performance:

Practicing with baseball trainers improves muscle memory, hand-eye coordination and awareness.  The end result is improved in-game performance when it matters the most.

Win Baseball Games:

Above all, the aim of using baseball training aides is to win games.  Use the training aides you or your little one need to turn weaknesses into strengths and you will find the practice translates into success on the diamond.  When you pitch a scoreless inning, jack one out of the park or execute a double play, your thoughts will immediately turn back to the time you spent practicing with your baseball training aids.

Each specific baseball training aid has its own nuanced benefits and features.  Take a close look at the details of the top baseball training aid models for yourself and you will have a better idea of how each improves your skills on the diamond.

How to Select the Perfect Baseball Training Aids

If you feel a bit overwhelmed with information about all the baseball training aids on the market, don’t fret!  There are certainly plenty of options on the market yet you can easily whittle down the field to the cream of the crop by zeroing in on the top considerations such as:

  • Brand and model
  • Intended position
  • Manner of use
  • Type of aid
  • Price


The position and use are of particular importance.  Though some baseball training aids are multi-purpose, most focus on a single baseball position.  Here is a quick look at the different positions baseball training aids are designed to improve:

Improve Fielding With Training Aids:

Whether you are playing infield or outfield, your hand-eye coordination and rhythm can be greatly improved with the use of a baseball training aid.  From training balls to practice gloves and beyond, there are plenty of baseball training aids that improve fielding skills.

Improve Pitching Accuracy and Velocity: 

Training balls are ideal for pitchers.  Additional baseball training aids for pitchers include pitching nets, throwing accessories and various conditioning tools.


Baseball instruction equipment and machines include practice balls, fungo bats and more.  These tools really do help ramp up your swing speed for a truly rewarding practice session.

Baseball Swing Trainers – Additional Considerations

When you are considering a baseball swing trainer, square your focus on the component of your swing that you would like to enhance.  There are all sorts of unique factors that play a role in the success of your swing.

Zero in on your swing’s shortcomings, shift your focus to the baseball training aids specifically designed to shore up those weaknesses and it won’t take long to improve your batting average as well as your power at the plate.

Side Note: We considered adding in some of our expensive, top of the line pitching machines as training aids, but we decided to leave that in our top 10 best pitching machine guide that can be read here

Final Words on Baseball Training Aids

Swing trainers can greatly sharpen your reflexes and enhance your muscle memory by training with baseball aids and the payoff will come in the form of improved pitching, fielding and hitting in actual games.  Find the trainer that suits your needs and you will find your baseball skills improve in surprisingly little time.

Amanda DiSilvestro

Kevin King

Kevin King is the founder of Anytime Baseball a Dodger fan and a lover of all things baseball.

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  • I’m surprised to see the Flyball 500 isn’t on here. I saw my sons coach using one so I bought one for myself and train with him all the time. It’s oddly fun for me too.

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