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Heater Sports Power Alley 22 Ft. Backyard Batting Cage with Pitching Machine
Heater Sports Power Alley 22 Ft. Backyard Batting Cage
Sale price$199.99 Regular price$249.99
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Heater Sports Xtender Backyard Batting Cage Player Practice 24 Feet
Heater Sports Xtender 24' - 72' Backyard Batting Cage
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Jugs Hit at Home Complete Backyard Batting Cage
Jugs Hit at Home Complete Backyard Batting Cage
Sale price$1,199.00 Regular price$1,499.00
BATCO Collapsible Batting Cage
Sale priceFrom $5,999.00
Mastodon Commercial Batting Cage System
Sale priceFrom $8,369.00
TUFF Frame Elite Commercial Batting Cage
Sale priceFrom $11,599.00
TUFF Frame Modular Outdoor Batting Cage
Sale priceFrom $5,719.00
TUFF Frame Pro Outdoor Batting Cage
Sale priceFrom $14,849.00
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Heater Sports Home Run 12' Batting Cage Player Batting Tee
Heater Sports Home Run 12' Batting Cage
Sale price$129.99 Regular price$159.99
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Freestanding Trapezoid Batting Cage for Baseball and Softball

Backyard Batting Cages for Sale

Shop among our collection of baseball and softball batting cages for sale. We carry all kinds of batting cages, including backyard batting cages, outdoor batting cages, commercial batting cages, and indoor batting cages. 

Our batting cages are designed for players of all ages, from youth players ages 5 and up to high school and college players. We also carry batting cages designed for shared use, for parks and rec centers, schools, colleges, and even MLB teams.

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Backyard Batting Cages for Sale

Looking for a batting cage for your backyard? You've come to the right place. We carry an extensive line of at-home batting cages to fit all budgets, backyard sizes, and player ages. Our backyard batting cages are complete kits, meaning that you only have to buy one product, making the process as simple as possible. Let's take a look at some of our customer-favorite batting cages for backyards.

Recommended Backyard Batting Cages for Youth Players

The Power Alley Batting Cage for Backyards

Batting Cages for Sale Heater Sports Power Alley 22 Ft. Backyard Batting Cage

Our top-selling and customer-favorite at-home batting cage throughout the years is the Heater Sports Power Alley 22 ft. cage. This portable backyard batting cage can be set up in about 20 minutes and can be used either with just a batting tee or can be connected to one of our pitching machines, like the Basehit machine, for example.

This portable batting cage is the real deal, built strong with solid fiberglass, 1" polyethylene netting, and stakes right into the grass. We recommend this cage for kids ages 5-14 or most kids in youth leagues.

When your kids hit high school, they're going to want a little more space and more heat from their machine (For kids in high school and up, you'll also want to consider something made out of steel and thicker netting).

But for a young kid just learning, for $199.99, this batting cage is perfect. Just set up a pitching machine or batting tee, and you're good to go! 

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Solid Fiberglass Frame
  • 1" Polyethylene netting
  • Ground stakes made from steel to keep the cage sturdy
  • Hooks right up to a pitching machine

Baseball Batting Cage Dimensions 

  • 22' Long x 12' Wide x 8' High

Xtender Home Batting Cage

Batting Cages for Sale Heater Sports Xtender 24' - 72' Backyard Batting Cage

Next in line for our customer-favorite batting cages for kids is the Xtender baseball batting cage for backyards. An upgrade from the Power Alley, the Xtender pop-up batting cage incorporates steel in its frame as well as foam padding to reduce ball ricochet. Customers also love this cage due to the size options it comes in. Carefully measure your backyard and pick between  24' - 72' size options. 

This baseball batting cage is a favorite among parents and coaches because of its increased strength and size options. Much like the Power Alley, this batting cage is designed for younger players, ages 5-16. Because of its fortified frame, you can squeeze a few more years out of this one. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Solid Steel & Fiberglass Frame
  • Foam Padding
  • 1” Nylon Netting
  • One Year Warranty
  • Built-in Pitching Machine Harness

Batting Cage Dimensions

  • 24' - 72' Long x 12' Wide x 10' Wide

Complete Batting Cages for Sale

Imagine you spend hours researching, and you finally find the right baseball batting cage for your kids, only to realize it is not a complete kit. Now you have to go to Home Depot to find parts to complete the batting cage. 

You won't have to worry about this with our line of batting cage kits. Our complete batting cages are guaranteed to have everything you need, the frame, net, stakes, etc. For those of you who are looking for an even more complete package, we do carry a separate line of backyard batting cages with pitching machines as well.

Let's take a look at a few of our customer favorite complete batting cage kits.

Recommended Complete Backyard Batting Cages

The Rookie Complete Backyard Batting Cage Package

Batting Cages for Sale The "Rookie" Complete Residential Backyard Batting Cage Kit

Here's everything you need in a durable, long-lasting backyard batting cage; tough #24 twisted polyethylene netting, 1 1/2" steel tubing frame, a side door for entry, and strong ground stakes for stability. This is a best-selling batting cage among parents of youth players ages 12-17. It's the kind of cage you buy once and lasts from elementary school all the way to college. This complete batting cage setup comes in sizes from 30' long all the way up to 70'. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Batting cage net is made of #24 twisted polyethylene netting
  • Net comes with UV protection and will not disintegrate in the sun
  • The frame is made of 1 1/2" steel tubing
  • Side door entry for easy access in and out
  • Comes in different sizes to fit any backyard!

Batting Cage Dimensions

  • Multiple sizes from 30' Long to 70' Long

Slugger's Sanctuary Backyard Batting Cage Kit

Batting Cages for Sale Slugger's Sanctuary Complete Backyard Batting Cage 30' - 70'

The Slugger's Sanctuary complete batting cage is the most durable and economical batting cage available. This batting cage utilizes #24 twisted poly netting backed by a 2-year warranty for maximum durability and dependability. The net comes with a doorway on the side of the batting cage for easy entrance and exit but does not let baseballs leave the cage. The frame is made with 1 1/2" steel frame and corners and will last you many baseball seasons to come. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • 1 1/2" steel frame and corners 
  • #24 poly netting backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Greatly increase your batting skills
  • Top ropes minimize sag on the net 
  • Net and frame resist baseballs and will last a long time 


  • The only complaints we get about this batting cage is about price point.

Batting Cage Dimensions

  • 30', 40', 50', 55', 60' and 70' long options available

Video Review of the Rookie Batting Cage

 Commercial Batting Cages for Sale

Do you work for a high school, college, parks and rec, or some kind of booster club? Are you looking for a highly durable batting cage for shared use that will last for years? We have a few options for complete batting cage kits for you too. 

Want to pay with a purchase order? No problem, click here for more info! 

The Mastodon Commercial Batting Cage: One of our most durable batting cages is the Mastodon. This batting cage comes with powder-coated structural poles, #42 netting, steel carabiners, cable tensioners, and more. This cage is most popular for high schools, colleges, parks and rec, and even some backyards. 

BATCO foldable batting cage: Need to make the best use of your space? The Batco foldable batting cage folds down from 72' down to 2' wide. These batting cages work either indoors (in gyms or training facilities) or outdoors (on the field or backyard).

Outdoor Batting Cages for Sale

All of our outdoor batting cages feature high-quality frames, durable nets, and well-tensioned systems. These commercial outdoor batting cages are great for schools, colleges, baseball clubs, businesses, and even the serious baseball player's backyard.

Our customers love the Mastodon outdoor batting cage because of its spacious and durable design. The Iron Horse commercial outdoor batting cage is also a big hit as it features similar design elements from the Mastodon but comes in at a lower price point. 

Indoor Batting Cages for Sale

Need a batting cage for a gymnasium or baseball facility? Our line of indoor batting cages is for you. Our best-seller, the Phantom indoor batting cage, is a big hit among schools and batting cage businesses. It utilizes a tension system with its durable hooks and cables. Order an indoor batting cage today to receive FREE shipping! 

Need more help? Give us a call at (888) 466-0009, or check out our blog for batting cage inspiration and our batting cage buying guide