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Soft Toss Machines


Jugs Toss™ Machine

$79.99 $59.99

Heater Big League Drop Toss

Soft Toss Baseball Pitching Machines

The soft toss drill is one of the most important drills for hitters, and when set up properly it will drill down great hitting mechanics.

A soft toss machine allows you to get more swings in than a traditional pitching machine, so hitters get more reps to smooth out their swing. Set your machine up with a net or in a batting cage and you’ll save plenty of time as compared to other batting drills.

The Jugs Toss™ Machine is a great example of a high-quality soft toss machine. It holds 14 baseballs or 10 softballs, and it automatically tosses a ball every 5 seconds.

It also has great battery life and can be used for up to 8 hours in a row without electricity.

This allows the hitter to get hundreds of reps in an hour, so you can fine-tune hitting mechanics and develop better muscle memory and habits. The ball is tossed upwards to the batter, and soft toss machines can be set up in very small spaces.

All in all, a soft toss machine is a cost-effective and time-efficient piece of equipment that any serious baseball or softball program should have in its training arsenal.

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