8' x 8' Premier Field Screen with Wheels

8' x 8' Premier Field Screen with Wheels

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8' x 8' Premier Baseball Field Net with Wheels

Don't settle for the budget option when it comes to player safety. Our all new, top-of-the-line Premier fielding screen comes in a large 8' x 8' frame, built with 13 gauge steel, high-quality #84 netting, 10" wheels, and optional foam padding.

The Premier line of protective screens was specifically designed for colleges, baseball clubs, and highly trafficked baseball training facilities. Its durability and portability make it the best option on the market. 

Fielding Safety Screen Features

  • Built with 13 gauge steel
  • High-quality #84 poly netting 
  • Pillowcase style netting for additional safety
  • 10" wheels for increased portability
  • Specifically designed for high-usage 
  • Optional foam padding for reduced ricochet

8' x 8' Premier Field Screen with Wheels