Baseball Outfield Distance Marker Red and White
Baseball Outfield Distance Marker Green and Yellow
Baseball Outfield Distance Marker Blue and White

Baseball Outfield Distance Marker

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Color:Blue and White
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Baseball Outfield Distance Marker 

Reliably measure the distance in your baseball field's outfield with this fully customizable outfield distance marker. Available in three different sizes, this marker is designed to provide clear visibility from a distance. It is printed digitally on durable 13 oz reinforced vinyl fabric, ensuring long-lasting performance. Customize your marker by specifying colors for both the marker and the numbers, with options including blue with white text, green with yellow text, or red with white text. For custom options, please give us a call. 

Distance Marker Features

  • Baseball outfield distance marker for precise measurement
  • Available in 3 sizes: 27" x 36" with 18" numbers or 38" x 56" with 24" numbers or 56" x 20"
  • Digitally printed on 13 oz reinforced vinyl fabric for durability
  • Customizable marker and number colors to suit your preference
  • Call for custom colors!