Diamond D1-Pro Baseballs

Diamond D1-Pro Baseballs

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Diamond D1 Professional Baseballs

Experience the pinnacle of performance with Diamond D1 Professional Baseballs. Designed for professional and college-level play, these baseballs feature an ultra-premium full-grain leather cover that offers exceptional durability and feel. The cushioned cork center ensures responsive performance, while the finest grade grey wool winding enhances the ball's durability and consistency. With the iconic DS Diamond Seam™, these baseballs provide superior grip and accuracy. Each box contains 12 baseballs, making it the perfect choice for serious players and teams.

Baseball Features

  • Designed for professional and college-level play
  • Ultra-premium full-grain leather cover for exceptional durability and feel
  • Cushioned cork center for responsive performance
  • Finest grade grey wool winding for enhanced durability and consistency
  • DS Diamond Seam™ for superior grip and accuracy
  • Quantity: 12 baseballs per box