Louisville Slugger 36" Wood Fungo Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger 36" Wood Fungo Baseball Bat

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36" Ash Fungo Baseball Bat

Introducing our top-notch Wood Fungo Bat, expertly crafted for coaches who demand excellence! Made from premium Northern White Ash with a foam core, this bat is perfect for hitting countless fly balls and grounders. Its end-weight design and lighter weight deliver unparalleled distance and speed, allowing for a quicker and more effortless swing. Experience the power and precision of our Wood Fungo Bat and take your coaching skills to new heights!

Fungo Bat Features

  • Constructed from high-quality Northern White Ash
  • Foam core for optimal performance
  • Ideal for coaches hitting fly balls and ground balls
  • End-weight design for increased distance and speed
  • Lightweight for effortless swings
  • Natural finish for a classic look
  • Length available: 36 inch