Mini-Plyo Balls for Throwing
Mini-Plyo Balls for Throwing Green

Mini-Plyo Balls for Throwing

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Mini-Baseball Weighted Plyo Balls for Baseball

These Mini-Medicine plyo balls feature a durable vinyl shell, filled with sand. With minimal bounce back, they offer pliability and easy handling. Enhance arm strength, speed, and health in close quarters. Perfect for throws, rebounding, and shoulder complex exercises. Use against nets or padded surfaces.

Plyometric Ball Benefits

  • Activate fast-twitch muscle fibers: Weighted throws engage fast-twitch muscle fibers, crucial for building strength and power.
  • Improve upper body power and strength: Forceful throwing and catching of weighted objects develop upper body strength and power.
  • Cardiovascular conditioning: Performing high-intensity medicine ball exercises taxes the cardiovascular system.
  • Next-level workout: Incorporate these high-intensity medicine ball exercises into your routine for an advanced training experience.

Plyo Ball Set Includes:

  • 3 lb. plyo ball - Silver
  • 4 lb. plyo ball - Purple
  • 5 lb. plyo ball - Silver
  • 6 lb. plyo ball - Black
  • 7 lb. plyo ball - Yellow
  • 8 lb. plyo ball - Red