Home Plate & Pitching Mound Clay Bricks

Home Plate & Pitching Mound Clay Bricks

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Protective Clay Bricks for Baseball Fields

Construct, maintain, or repair high-stress areas with our protective clay bricks. These unfired, compressed clay bricks offer exceptional durability and reduced maintenance when watered down. Perfect for building or repairing pitcher's mounds, bullpens, catcher's boxes, and batter's boxes, these clay bricks are a reliable choice for any baseball or softball field.

Pitching Mound Clay Brick Features

  • Unfired, compressed clay bricks for building or repairing high-stress areas
  • Bricks turn to firm clay when watered down, providing durability and reduced maintenance
  • Brick size: 4" x 8" x 2-1/2"
  • 300 bricks per pallet
  • Sold per pallet