Jugs Dimpled Baseballs For Pitching Machines White and Optic Yellow Options

Jugs Dimpled Baseballs For Pitching Machines

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Sting Free Dimpled Baseballs For Jugs Pitching Machines

Get faster and more consistently accurate pitches with the Jugs Sting-Free dimpled balls. Specifically designed for Jugs pitching machines, these balls will take your batting practices to the next level.

Dimpled Pitching Machine Ball Features

  • 1-Year Guarantee—No one guarantees their practice balls longer!
  • Available in both White and Optic Yellow.
  • Price per dozen.
  • Specifically designed for use with pitching machines.
  • Dimpled for maximum accuracy and performance.
  • Will not dent aluminum bats.
  • Feel like a leather ball when hit.
  • Will not sting your hitters' hands.
  • Same size and weight as leather baseballs.