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Tanner Pro Batting Tee

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Pro Batting Tee




Experience top-notch training with the Tanner Pro Batting Tee. Designed for baseball and softball, this commercial-grade tee offers durability and convenience. Its reinforced metal stem, patented hand-rolled Flextop, and weighted base ensure stability during intense hitting practice.

Tanner Pro Batting Tee


Customize the tee to your needs with optional stem sizes for different hitters and lowball practices. Elevate your skills with the versatile Tanner Pro. With a weighted base, skid-resistant rubber cover, and convenient portability, it's a top pick for baseball and softball enthusiasts, professionals, coaches, and beginners. Experience heavy-duty construction and a substantial base, striking the perfect balance between the Original and Tanner Heavy models. Take your training to the next level with the Tanner Pro.


Tanner Pro Tee Features

  • Reinforced metal stem for durability
  • Patented hand-rolled Flextop for optimal ball contact
  • Weighted base for stability during hitting practice
  • Easily portable for convenient training on the go
  • Customizable with optional stem sizes for different hitter sizes and lowball practice

Tanner Pro Tee Benefits

  • Durable and commercial-grade equipment for long-lasting use
  • Enables daily hitting practice at any skill level
  • Provides excellent ball contact and helps refine hitting mechanics
  • Stable and secure base ensures consistent training sessions
  • Versatile and adjustable design accommodates different hitter sizes and practice needs