TAP™ Hitting Target
TAP™ Hitting Target With Player
TAP™ Hitting Target With Player

TAP™ Hitting Target

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Hitting Target

The TAP™ Hitting Target provides a low-tech method of providing high-quality information to hitters.  Developed in collaboration with internationally renowned hitting coach Mike Ryan, it is an excellent resource for those who may not have everyday access to costly modern-day, high-tech equipment that can measure ball flight and calculate launch angles.  Using this device with a batting tee provides the hitter instant feedback regarding how well the ball comes off the bat in addition to a visual of ball trajectory.

The TAP™ Hitting Target provides instant visual feedback to the batter. When used with a batting tee, the device becomes a self-teaching hitting aid for quality batting repetition. It can provide a means to objectively measure each hit, making every swing serve a specific purpose.

  • Adds variety and challenge to tee work
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Aids in developing ideal launch angles
  • Provides objective measurement
  • Can be used for self-directed drills as well as guided discovery learning