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Extended Timing Chute for I-Hack Attack Pitching Machines

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Timing Chute for I-Hack Attack Pitching Machines - Baseball or Softball

Improve your hitting timing with your Hack Attack pitching machine with the Extended Timing Chute. With the factory chute that originally comes with the pitching machine, the hitter has very little time to load and swing. In fact, players virtually have nothing to time their swing off of! From the time the ball is placed in a factory chute, they have about half of a second to prepare for the incoming pitch. This can mess up their timing during batting practice and during games.

With our Extended Timing Chute, the player will now have 1.5 seconds to load, see the ball rolling down the chute, and swing. This extended amount of time imitates seeing the pitcher's windup, allowing them to time their swing properly! 

Most coaches and players love pitching machines for many reasons, but their one qualm is the fear that it may mess with the hitter's timing. With the Extended Timing Chutes, you truly get the best of both worlds! 

Made out of 100 percent steel, the Hack Attack Baseball Timing Chute allows hitters to track and time each pitch in a game-like manner. Because of the steel makeup on each Timing Chute, it can take direct hits from batted balls with little to no damage. Only compatible with I-Hack Attack 3-wheel pitching machines. Please select either baseball or softball.

Extended Timing Chute Features

  • Made out of 100% steel
  • Powder coated for maximum durability
  • The Extended Timing Chute can take direct hits from balls with no damage
  • Drastically increases hitter's ability to time their swing
  • Designed specifically for I Hack Attack pitching machines
  • Helps hitters with their overall performance at the plate
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Without Timing Chute

Without Timing Chute

Without a timing chute, hitters only get 0.5 seconds to load,
see the ball, be on time, and swing

With Timing Chute

With Timing Chute

With the timing chute, each hitter gets 1.5 seconds to load,
see the ball, be on time, and swing, simulating a real-game scenario