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Radar Guns for Baseball

Baseball Radar Guns

If you were to pick the most quintessential piece of equipment for baseball, a radar gun is up there with the bat, ball, and glove itself. Whether it be in the major leagues or your local little league practice, radar guns are a must.

The most common use for a radar gun is to measure pitch speed, and the same technology is used to measure every pitch an MLB pitcher throws. But a radar gun can be used for much more in baseball and softball and other sports.

Radar guns are of course perfect to measure pitch speed and aid

pitchers during practice, but they can also be used to get the best out of hitters and motivate batters to swing for the fences or hit bullet line drives.

While you might associate the radar gun with a bulky piece of equipment, technology has rapidly advanced and baseball and softball coaches can now rely on small handheld equipment that is easy to use and unobtrusive for athletes.

Below we discuss some of the most important features and functions and make some recommendations for the best radar guns.

Best Radar Guns for Baseball Practice

A radar gun can be a powerful tool to motivate athletes and get the most out of their practice time on the field. Hitters, pitchers, fielders, and catchers can all benefit from measuring their hitting, pitching, and throwing speeds.

With a high-quality radar gun, a coach should be able to accurately measure hitting or throwing speeds without bothering a player. 

Therefore, you should be looking for a radar gun that can measure a ball from a long distance with a high level of accuracy. You also want your radar gun to be lightweight with adequate memory so you can measure multiple pitches, hits, or throws during a practice session.

The Pocket Radar Ball Coach Radar Gun PR1000-BC fulfills these requirements weighing in at only 4 ounces, enough memory to recall 25 speed measurements, and plenty of battery life. Critically, it also measures from up to 120 feet away and has a high level of accuracy, within 1 mph.

The radar gun is so small that it does not have the traditional “gun” aesthetic, giving coaches the ability to stow it away in their pocket.

If you are looking for that traditional aesthetic, the Sports Radar SRA3000 Tracer Radar Gun along with others provide the same functionality with a bulkier weight.

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