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Little League Pitching Machines

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Spinball Wizard 2 Wheel Pitching Machine

Pitching Machines for Little League 

A good quality pitching machine is essential for your kids hitting development. Purchasing a solid machine that will last throughout the duration of your kids little league stint can drastically improve their ability as a player and set them up for success in later leagues, like high school and even the MLB. 

We personally went through our entire collection of pitching machines in stock here at Anytime Baseball Supply, and picked only the very best machines for you and your little league player. 

What to Look for in a Little League Pitching Machine

First things first, your kid needs to be prepared for what the kinds of pitches they're actually going to be seeing out on the field.


Little league pitchers, ages 9-12 will usually throw a baseball from the mound at speeds of around 50-60 mph (feel free to check out the little league pitching regulations for more info)

Because of that, your kid should practice with his or her pitching machine at these speeds, or even higher, to have a competitive edge. 

With that being said, if your kid is younger and you just want to see them working on their swing, you can purchase a machine that pitches slower than that, or even get a swing trainer or batting tee

But, to have the best competitive edge over their competitors, we recommend a machine that can pitch at speeds of up to 60-70 mph. This also means that they will not be outgrowing the machine anytime soon. 

Some of Our Personal Favorites / Best Selling Little League Pitching Machines

Our hottest and best selling pitching machine, the First Pitch Baseline, is our personal favorite youth pitching machine. This machine is great for parents or coaches, the backyard or the field. It throws at speeds up to 70 mpg, plugs right into any outlet, and weighs only 50 lbs. What more could you want? Click here to learn more about the First Pitch Baseline

I might be a little biased on our next pick, but I personally remember seeing these iconic blue machines when I myself played little league. The Jugs BP 1 is a great option for any parent or coach looking to help their kid get to the next level and hit some dingers at the next big game. This youth pitching machine can pitch at speeds from 15-70 mph, plugs right into a standard wall outlet, and can pivot 360 degrees, perfect for pop flys and infield drills. 

The only downside to the Jugs machines is that they are a bit pricey for some. If you are on a budget but you're still interested in purchasing a pitching machine for your little league kid, we would recommend taking a look at the Heater Sports line of machines. 

These machines are less expensive, but still maintain great quality, longevity and are backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Some of our personal favorites are the Heater Real Baseball Machine, the Heater Deuce 75 (great for little league all the way up to college) and the Heater Sports Basehit (for those on a tight budget). 

These machines mentioned above and listed below really are your best options, as we literally carry every major brand of pitching machines on the market. Make sure you order today and receive free shipping! 

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